has come and all elves celebrate as the black moon’s shadow fades from the world. It is also Luthiel’s fifteenth birthday.

With it come two extraordinary and dangerous surprises: a Wyrd Stone, its silvery heart a window into a world of dreams and nightmares, and a Blade Dancer, dreaded protector of the Faelands, who bears a dark message.

Instead of celebration, Luthiel is given a terrible choice: if she does nothing, someone she loves deeply will die. Or, to save a life, she can break the most perilous law of the Faelands and venture alone to the Vale of Mists.

If she chooses the journey, she must race Othalas – eldest and most feared of all the werewolves – past great black spiders who weave webs out of nightmares, through glittering mists with the power to reshape flesh, and at last into death by the teeth of the dark and ancient Vyrl, who feed on the blood of elves.

Either choice will bring death – unless Luthiel can find the secret in her remarkable Stone, a secret that even the nightmares fear.

Dreams of the Ringed Vale, the first book of the Luthiel's Song series, has received nominations for three young fiction awards, including The Virginia Readers' Choice Award, the Florida Teens Read Award, and a semifinalist nominee for the 2007-08 Georgia Peach award for teen fiction!

"Luthiel is the strongest female star of any story I’ve read. Not because she runs into danger headlong laughing, but because she’s afraid and unsure of herself, but for the love of her sister, she will do anything, even face death itself. If you haven’t picked up this book yet, you should. I promise you, you won’t regret it. I do have one problem with the novel, and that's that the sequel isn’t out yet, but I can wait patiently, because if it’s as good as this one is, then we are in for a wonderful treat. "

—Nala Thompson

Luthiel's Song: Dreams of the Ringed Vale (book 1)

by Robert Marston Fannéy

328 pages, 6x9 Paperback with illustrations
$ 15.99
ISBN 978-0-976422600

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Luthiel's Song: the War of Mists (book 2)

by Robert Marston Fannéy

364 pages, 6x9 Paperback
$ 15.99
ISBN 978-0976422617

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"Watch out Harry Potter, there's a new sorceress in town. "


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"Luthiel is such a captivating character, so deep and honest, she seems real. This book teaches some wonderful lessons about what friendship means and what you can do when you’re determined and true. The book is magical and captivating and keeps you on the edge of your seat. When I finished it, it left me hungry for more. I can't wait until book 2! A must have! I wish I could give it more than 5 stars! "

—Sara Akers